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Cute art, spicy utility!

Huevos Club NFT Gen1 (SOLD OUT)

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1111 Tokens

What about the spicy utility?

Huevos NFT is the cutest NFT in space but it comes with the most badass utility. Degen ready! Snipeggy is your all in one sniping and rarity tool!

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Snipeggy will get constantly improved

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Floor Alerts for trending collections

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How to use snipeggy?

All you need is a Huevo Club NFT!

Why be part of the Huevos club?

Being a part of the Huevos Club gives you a direct say on supporting the 1/1 artists you love most. We strongly believe that this is the future of art, and want to do our small part in pushing taking the world a small step further in this. Don’t you want to be a part of that?

How many Huevos will be available for Mint?

There will be 1111 unique Huevos avaiable!

Wen Mint?

Eggwhite Sale is April 8th 12 UTC – April 9th 12 UTC

Public Sale is April 9th 12 UTC

How many Huevos can I mint?

You can mint up to 5 Huevos!

About Us

Egg Vision

Our Vision

To supporting 1/1 artists in the NFT space and helping artist who have yet to enter the space, enter with financial and technical support.

Mrs. Huevos a.k.a Karla Matosic

Artist and wife

Can save your life

Artist by heart

Born in Croatia living in Germany

Mr. Huevos a.k.a Chris Greendyk

Developer and Husband

Loves Art

Passion for coding

American living in Germany

The Story

When corona kicked in hard, the entire world was in lockdown and in fear of what to expect. Almost everyone was at home, working in home office trying to stay safe 🥶 , but this wasn’t the case for Mrs. Huevos , as she is a registered nurse!

She worked at the beginning with no protective gear, many overtime hours and many exhausting shifts. Mrs. Huevos lost all her energy 😰😰.. only came home to sleep 😴 eat 🥨 and go back to work. During some strong Covid waves last year, she became less happy with each passing day. Someone who is usually full of joy and hilarious turned quiet and tired. Mrs. Huevos has always loved working on digital art in her free time but she even lost her peace with that during these rough phases.
Essentially, she just became exhausted from everything.

It was clear that changes needed to be made!

Mr. Huevos could not watch her feeling so unhappy and losing her drive and proposed the idea of mixing our skill sets which we both ENJOY doing. Most importantly, it was time for Mrs. Huevos started only doing things she loved – designing 🎨 and art. At first, she hesitated as she was unhappy and was feeling uncreative but the more time she spent working on art again, the happier she became and started portraying her normal positive energy how she has before!

Eventually, after some work, she sat down and free-styled her first egg template a.k.a the first Huevo. It was nothing like the 3d art that is our NFT project now but it started with a small Kawaii egg with big eyes that smiled at her. The smiling egg made her laugh. 🥚🥰 We realized the egg she designed had a lot of hidden meaning to what she was experiencing at the moment, which led to the birth of the Huevos Foundation concept. Mr. Huevos and Mrs. Huevos loved the idea and soon started to create a 3D egg with all kinds of traits so it‘s fun, and motivating. Mrs. Huevos is back to herself 🥰 , and hopefully this project will allow her to only work on digital art for the rest of her life!

The Huevos project aims to help other artists
get a step closer to being able to do what they love most, full-time! ART!